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We opened our doors in November 2012 and for us, service to the client is our singular motivation. Once you have entered into an agreement with us, you may take for granted our utmost confidentiality, professionalism and total dedication to your legal service needs.

We offer legal advice and related services on a full range of legal matters in Uganda, East Africa. We also offer legal consultancy services and work as courtroom litigation/arbitration lawyers. We also act as criminal defense lawyers. Away from the courts or anything related to them, we handle all manner of legal due diligence, drafting and processing all manner of legal documents, Contracts, Company registrations, Trademarks, Copyrights, Winding up, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Debt collection, Immigration, Adoption & Guardianship, Real Estate, Succession matters/Administration of Estates of deceased persons/persons of unsound mind, Sports/Entertainment Law, Employment Law. The list is endless.

How We Work

Whatever your present or future legal service needs may be, we attend to it. You may have been referred to us by a past or present client or you found us online or otherwise. Kindly contact us by telephone, email or official correspondence through our contacts which are provided for that purpose. We may then set an appointment where we meet with you at our offices or simply discuss your issue by telephone or email.

We listen to your issue and make an immediate evaluation of our capacity to provide the required service or services. If we find that we are well suited to handle we shall do just that. First, we normally (though not always) require you to pay a fee for consultation/legal opinion about your case/legal issue(s). Upon payment or agreement to pay, we assess the basic and relevant facts of your issue/case vis-à-vis the law and other relevant legal resources and advise you on all legal points we find to be applicable to your situation and what your options in any given set of circumstances.

If on the other hand we cannot attend to you for one reason or another, we may, at your asking, refer you to one of our many associated law firms.

If we decide to take your instructions on any matter following our legal opinion over the same, we work out an approximation of the legal/professional fees and disbursement (out-of-pocket) expenses which a particular set of instructions will likely attract. We then write/email or telephone you with the terms of our engagement by which we advise on the nature and scope of the services we would have determined as being suitable in the circumstances of your case, the intended manner/mode of providing the said services, the costs involved, modes of fees payment i.e. the hourly or lump sum rate, the time it is likely to take us in the performance of your instructions and the like. If our proposed terms of engagement are agreeable to you, we would require official communication from you in the form of a duly signed letter of engagement before we embark on acting on your behalf. If you wish to negotiate or vary the terms of engagement, we entertain any discussion in that regard.

Our Clients

  • Local and international financial institutions
  • Private equity funds
  • Manufacturers
  • International investors
  • International and local non-governmental organizations
  • High net worth individuals

We have good working relationships with law firms in Uganda and East Africa. This national and regional reach creates a unique legal team that can provide seamless services to both multinational and local clients.

Our Team

Arthur Murangira